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Do you speak proper Italian at all?  By that, I do not mean the various dialects of Italy.  Nor do I mean speaking Italian with a foreign accent.  What I mean is:  Do you have the ability to communicate verbally, clearly, accurately, successfully and productively with official Italy, in the northern, central and southern parts of the country?

My husband is one of the many Australians with an Italian heritage.  His ancestors lived mostly from the north of Italy but they partly came from the south.  He is not Italian himself.  He is not entitled to Italian citizenship.  He does not identify with Italy at all and does not speak the language very well. 

Both his parents were born in Australia.  He has Italian heritage on all sides of his family yet English is his first language.

Fortunately, we both love Italian food!  We can even grow many of the ingredients for Italian meals in our own garden.  We love Italian opera.  We love a small carafe of wine with our meals.  We love art.  We love beautiful scenery.

We are not at all religious, though we are interested in philosophical ideas.  Our parents were not religious.  We both dislike sport and we are not particularly competitive.  We have chosen not to have children, for a great many reasons.  We enjoy exploring history, and travelling, and we are deeply concerned about the future of the world.

I have managed to find a great deal of information about my husband's ancestry, without knowing the Italian language, and with a great deal of imagination, luck and curiosity.  What I have been discovering is of importance to Australia as a whole, so I have been told by several historians.

Explore Ancestors Within to find out more, particularly if you - or someone you have married - has ancestral connections with Italy.

Topics of interest to us include:

The Viggianese - From Viggiano in Basilicata to Australia

The Cremonese - From Cremona and nearby villages in Lombardy to Australia

Montello bisnenti - From north of Treviso in the Veneto to Australia

Internment of naturalised British subjects in Australia during World War Two (especially if originally from Italy)

One of my introductions:
Italian Migrants and their Family Histories in Australia

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