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Do you like to explore your heritage and reflect upon your experiences in a culturally rich and beautiful way, even on a low budget?

Ancestral reflections can take us on many emotional journeys, even without going anywhere in the physical sense of the word.  With so many online resources to explore, and so much that we may find unexpectedly, the discovery of the ancestors within us can be quite overwhelming, however rewarding or frustrating it may be at times.

The fact that our ancestors existed in the past, rather than the present, can lead us to think about our own existence, too.  More recent generations in western societies have been fortunate not to face death in such a statistically prevalent way as other societies, past and present.  This sometimes makes people forget that their children and grandchildren are as mortal as their great grandparents and great, great grandparents.

I have called this blog Ancestors Within because our minds become the dwelling place of our ancestors the more we learn about their lives.  We are also the carriers of their genetic heritage in one form or another.  Our ancestors are therefore within us in body and mind in many ways we are yet to discover and understand.


I have been very fortunate to have had so many different experiences in life. I hope that I never take my life for granted, and never act as though other people, including past and future generations, do not matter.

How do you approach your ancestors today?  And why are you interested in learning about their lives?

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If you have found anything in my writings at all useful, inspiring or interesting, on any of my blogs, please let me know. I enjoy hearing from readers.  I especially enjoy hearing from people who have some knowledge to share of relevance to my research.

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