12 December 2018

Your Own Research and Reflections

How much do you know about psychohistory and its relevance to your own research and reflections?

It is a subject I have only recently discovered.  It seems to me to be an ideal topic to explore further in relation to family history research, and towards better government policies in the present and future.

Psychohistory is probably of relevance in relation to many of my earlier reflections on family history research, including the following:

Working families and genealogical studies

In memory of generations past

A genealogical look around

The importance of being earnest with Alice in wonderland

Please note that I will probably close my four original "Via" blogs to most people soon, including this one.  If you want future access, please let me know the reasons why - not just in relation to your own research and reflections but also by providing an indication of the value you place on my writings.

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