06 November 2018

Back in Time

People study genealogy for a wide range of reasons.   They usually seek to trace ancestors.

Looking at the GENUKI website, the places to which I have most often gone back in time are as follows:

County Antrim






Do you ever suffer from homesickness?

Have you ever viewed the world via migration?

Have you ever viewed the world via England?

We are all lineal descendants of thousands of people, over many centuries. 

 Unless our families intermarry considerably, like the House of Habsburg, we mostly each have four grandparents, eight great-grandparents and sixteen great-great-grandparents.

Where and when were your grandparents born?

Where and when were your great-grandparents born?

Where and when were your great-great-grandparents born?

What do you know about your grandparents more generally?

Many aspect of kinship are of interest to social scientists as well as family historians and geneticists.

How well acquainted are you with your great-grandparents at present?

How do their genetics affect yours?

How has their social status affected yours?

How have their experiences of the world affected yours?

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