07 August 2017

Big Data and Family History

Have you heard of big data at all?  Do you know about data cleansing?  These days, family history research is often very high tech!

How do you make comparisons between your ancestors and people who came from similar backgrounds?  I find it very interesting to explore, contrast, compare and consider people's career paths and life experiences, and life opportunities.

Your great grandparents will probably not even have known that various information about them was stored in a dusty old archive somewhere or other.  They probably could never even have been able to imagine the power of supercomputers, unless they read science fiction stories in their spare time.

Big data is something your 21st century research into your family origins has in common with scientific research into the laws of the universe, predictions of climate change, and continuing genome investigations.

Although other commitments prevent me from offering specific genealogical assistance beyond my personal interests, each of my blogs may assist your reflections on the past, present and future - and enrich your experiences of family history research.  There is plenty of information available here.

You are most welcome to contact me if you have some information of relevance to the investigations underway here.

I know from examining other people's research into my ancestors that some of the information I have about my own family history is probably inaccurate.  We all have to start somewhere and I like to put together as much evidence as possible.

Much of the information I want to access in the next few months is in the Westminster Archives.

Information about my Belgian ancestors may be in the Roman Catholic Registers, perhaps showing when they first arrived in Britain.

There is also theatrical information in the archives, where I may possible find a reference to my Belgian great, great grandfather's work as a theatrical costumier.  He may have known Willy Clarkson.

I am not sure whether my great, great grandfather designed costumes.  There may be something about his work in a newspaper called The Era.

I have also just discovered Archives Hub though I am yet to understand how to use it. 

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