25 June 2017

Ancestors Within Genetics

I was quite good at biology at school.  I could even remember that DNA stood for deoxyribonucleic acid.  I also knew there was something called RNA.  It meant ribonucleic acid.  They both had something to do with the genetic code.

Family history obviously has much to do with genetics. In turn, genetics and genealogy have something to do with the nucleic acid double helix.

For people interested in the ancestors within their genetics, it is a good idea to have at least a little understanding of nucleic acid sequences.

In an introduction to genetics, rather than an introduction to genealogy, it is necessary to learn about nucleic acids.   Those acids support the biological foundations of life itself.

Nuclei is the plural of nucleus.  In Latin, nucleus means seed, as in the seed of a fruit.  Most people are probably aware that the word nucleus now has many meanings.

How to you think about the seeds of the future?

How do you think about the seeds of problems?

How do you creative ideas germinate?

What do you know about your medical family history?

What do you know about the origins of your own DNA?

Do you know much about cell biology?

Although I was quite interested in biology during my teenage years, chemistry repelled me.  That is probably why I do not know much about acids except for lemon juice, vinegar and car batteries.

When I was young, chemistry to me was the opposite life.  It was about nasty smells, poisons and frightening explosions.  Bunsen burners in chemistry laboratories were dangerous things to me.  I later discovered that the asbestos mats under them were probably even more dangerous.

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