11 April 2017

A Buttery in the Family

A buttery?
Along my maternal Shropshire line of genealogy is the name of Buttery.  Earlier, its spelling was Buttrey. 

In 1891, 41% of all Buttreys in England lived in Shropshire.  There were 8% of the Butterys there at that time.

A buttrey or buttery was a room or storeroom where barrels and butts of alcohol were stored in medieval times.  The name has nothing to do with butter.

I do not know if the Buttreys of Moreton Say in the 1600s were originally cellarers or merely peasants.  I have recently discovered a family tree tracing the ancestors of the family to Uffington near Shrewsbury.  Nearby is Haughmond Abbey.  There is likely to have been a buttery there.

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