03 September 2015

The Harpists of Viggiano

Although I do not know if any of my husband's ancestors were Viggianese harpists, I do know that some of them came to Australia from Viggiano in the 1880s.  They did include musicians, though they also earned a living in other ways:  Selling ice-cream and vegetables, bricklaying and possibly a range of other jobs to make ends meet.

I am very grateful to all the people who have helped me with my family history research over the years: In Australia, Italy, Northern Ireland, Belgium and England. 

In the later months of last year, I was contacted by a lady in Basilicata who is researching the Viggianese harpists who came to Australia.  She very kindly added a few more layers to the family history for me, and I have tried to help her a little more with her research.

If you can assist either of us in any way, you can either place a few words below (I only publish messages if there are no contact details attached) or send an email to:

writetovia (AT) gmail . com

Please note that I do not publish names of correspondents unless they have already been published.  Privacy is important to me.  It has been especially important this year as my husband is unwell.

From Italy to Australia

From Southern Italy - mainly Basilicata (1880s)

A man from the Mezzogiorno

A better life

Getting to know great-grandmothers - part three

From Northern Italy - Lombardy (1880s-1910s)

The mill in Ossolaro - part one

The mill in Ossolaro - part two

From Ossolaro to Australia

Via the independent scholar

At the seaside - part four

From Northern Italy - Veneto (1920s)

Getting to know great-grandmothers - part one

Ancestors and asylum

And finally, at least for today, I would like to present the following beautiful video.  The link was forwarded to me by the lady in Basilicata at the beginning of this year.

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