25 April 2015

Lest We Forget Arthur Tom Ginn (1893-1915)

The Dardanelles Campaign was over almost before it began for my great grandmother's brother Arthur.  At the age of 22 and 4 months Arthur died on the 25 April 1915 and is remembered at Cape Helles.

Before the outbreak of the First World War, as far as I am aware, Arthur had been in the infantry with the 1st battalion of the Border Regiment, on garrison duty in Burma.  He was a member of the regular British Army and his Regimental Number was 10399.

13,167 members of his Regiment lost their lives during the war.  Arthur's widowed father kept the memorial card and it passed to his eldest daughter, my great-grandmother.  I wonder how many other families have similar cards today.

Arthur - You are not forgotten.

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