01 November 2014

Shropshire: Pitmen, Poachers and Preachers

I want to tell you something about a book I have recently discovered.  It is called Pitmen, Poachers and Preachers and it was first published in 2009.  I have no idea why it has taken me so long to find out about it.  If you have read it already, why did you not tell me it existed?!!

There are reasonably reputable reviews of the book available through the British Association for Local History and the Welcome to Little Wenlock website.  The book is also on a reading list put together by Dawley Heritage.  If you look at the reading list from Ironbridge, you will see there are an overwhelming number of books about the district.

The author, Ken Jones, was in his late 80s when he wrote the book, meaning that there is no age limit on producing work of great value.