19 April 2014

Genealogy for Absolute Beginners

If you are just starting out on your historical quest, I hope you will discover how easy it can be, once you know how. If you have any questions, perhaps this blog can help. 

Genealogy is all about people and their lives - past, present and future.  I don't usually have much trouble making contact with people who might know more than I do about my ancestors, particularly those lovely individuals who do not expect to receive payment for the privilege of being contacted by me!

It has also been quite easy for me to find records in archives when communicating in English with archivists and enthusiasts. Fortunately, much of my ancestry is mainly English and the English language happens to be the only one I know with any sort of proficiency (though I am a very poor speller).

Many online records are usually very easy for me to locate, too.  I have not even had much difficulty when making contact with people in other languages by email, thanks to Google Translate.
If you are just beginning to discover your ancestors, what are the difficulties you have been facing?

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