04 December 2012

Lucky or Fateful Encounters - Part Four

Do you think of yourself as some sort of pioneer, an adventurer or just an ordinary family history researcher?  What have been the main hassles and challenges you have experienced, whether in your investigations and in life in general?  How have your hassles and challenges compared with those of others, including your ancestors?

Life can sometimes lead us towards a feeling of disenchantment and disillusionment.  We can, however, re-enchant life, too.  I prefer my own life to be enchanting but not illusionary.

You may know that I like to ask quite a lot of questions of Ancestors Within readers.  Asking questions can stimulate curiosity and new lines of inquiry.  Questions can also open up a whole new world of possibilities, whether about the past, present or future.

How was the cultural life of your ancestors different from your own past experiences and preferences?  Have you ever thought about the fact that the words answer and ancestor start with the same two letters?

Exploring different ways of life - and different ways of thinking - can provide us with new insights into the world around us, and towards the choices we can make.  Has your family history research ever lead you to explore the interconnections between corruption, bribery, tipping, begging and poverty?  Did any of your ancestors overcome injustice through the use of peace and courtesy?

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