29 October 2012

Peaceful Enterprises and Lovely Surprises - Part Three

After briefly introducing you to these genealogically applicable topics in parts one and two of this series, I would now like to mention publishing.  Blogs are, of course, a form of publishing, as are websites and anything placed on an Internet server or social networking site.

Soon, this Ancestors Within blog will be inaccessible to the general public.  What will this mean for you as a reader?  If you are one of my relatives, however distant, you can just send me an email to request future access.  Proof of relationship will be required, of course.  How will you provide that proof?

If you are not related to me, how will your access to this blog be of benefit to me and my family in the future?  Investing my time here, and in history, over the past few years has provided many intrinsically valuable rewards for my closest relatives and myself.  Now I am investing my time in the future even more than the past.

One of my other blogs is already less available to read than it once was.  Perhaps that is something you find surprising though not necessarily lovely!  You may not even like the new colour schemes I have chosen for my blogs.  Does pink or brown appeal to you more?

Publishing for profit is a topic I find very interesting, and I intend to pursue it more seriously than I have in the past.  Although I hope my blogs have already met your expectations, I would like my future writings to go beyond your expectations and provide some lovely surprises.

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