22 April 2012

Lucky or Fateful Encounters - Part Two

As you may know, I'm interested in everything to do with identity, travel and peace.  Have any of your family members ever identified with, or admired, anyone in particular?

In her youth, my mother wanted to look like Audrey Hepburn, a person more than a decade older than herself.  I have only just realised that in family photographs from the early 1960s, my mother dressed like Audrey Hepburn on special occasions.  And I think my mother succeeded, except for the fact that she is somewhat petite and, at least in her early womanhood, had a shape more like Marylin Monroe than Audrey Hepburn.

Did your parents, grandparents, or even a great grandparent admire anyone?  I know that my maternal grandfather admired Winston Churchill, but he did not try to look or act like him at all.  I just feel I am lucky that my family, like Audrey Hepburn herself, survived the Second World War.

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