15 March 2012

Getting to Know Great Grandmothers - Part Three

Does anyone in your family have red hair?  Are some of your family members very tall or very short?  Do several generations of your family have distinctive features of one sort or another?

Tall people have been quite common on one side of my family. Red hair has also been quite common on that side of the family.  Have you seen little Annie?  Annie grew to be quite tall, as did several of her children and grandchildren.  Annie also had red hair.

As far as I am aware, Annie's heritage was English through and through.  Her family came mainly from Huntingdonshire and Surrey and she spent most of her life in London.

But what about my husband's great grandmother, Carolina?  She was Italian through and through as far as I am aware.  She was born in Viggiano in Basilicata.  Carolina was a very short person.  She also had red hair.

I have it on very good authority that this is a picture of Carolina, probably taken around the time of her first communion in the Catholic church in Melbourne.  What age does she appear to be?

There is much that I would like to investigate further about Carolina's life.  She grew up to be quite a businesswoman.  I have already written something about her family:

Carolina's father

Carolina's husband

Carolina's daughter

Have you found evidence in archival records of your family members' business activities?


  1. The females in my family were all mainly Registered Nurses and a few attained well up the ranks. Looking at Carolina I would say she was probably around seven to eight years of age. And a sweet looking child.
    Its amazing to see Italians with red hair, yet there are a few.My children carry the Italian heritage from their father and two of my grandchildren have red hair.
    I have written an (Australian) Christian Inspirational romance and its the story of an Italian migrant family. In particular the heroin a girl ends up becoming a physician. I am please that my book is on sale on-line all over the world and in two Italian sites.

  2. Your introduction made me smile. I'm a red-head, as is one of my children :)


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