24 November 2011

Collecting Recollections

Have you ever put together any audio-visual digital recordings of family biographies and family events, intertwining them in a genealogical way?  It is something I would like to spend some time on when I have the right equipment and can give my full attention to the creative editing process.

Putting together something of the recorded recollections of family members would be wonderful, though sometimes people we know can be even more unwilling to contribute in a documentary way than strangers may be.  I hope my family members will think of my efforts as worthwhile gifts to future generations.

From my experiences in television production, I know that gathering material together is one thing but putting it in a logical, informative, interesting and entertaining order can be quite a challenge.  Keeping a fickle audience engaged in watching and enjoying the result, from beginning to end, especially when the audience happens to consist of your own relatives, should take their level of interest in family history into consideration.

This blog is one way in which I put together some ideas for how relatives, either known well or known slightly or until recently not known at all, can be involved in various discoveries.  Having something for my own relatives to experience that is a little more engaging than can be achieved here at Ancestors Within, is the creative next step.

The difficulty, of course, is that there are many different branches of every family, and some branches are relevant to some family members but not to others.  Including the relevant and excluding the irrelevant is therefore much more important when putting together audio-visual recordings than it is when producing a blog.

I have recently started three new series of blog posts here:

Getting to know great grandmothers

Lucky or fateful encounters

Peaceful enterprises and lovely surprises

Another series of blog posts, started some time ago, may also interest you:

Bisnonni Blogspot Award

Although I doubt my family history documentaries will win any Oscars, the dvds I intend to produce will be narrated mainly from my own perspective, making the production process much easier, I hope.  Having a few series of themed blog posts might help me to develop coherent stories on dvd.  I'll let you know how it goes!

Some of my older posts may be useful to you if you are planning your own collections of recollections:

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