01 September 2011

The Mystery of Keziah

I wonder what ever happened to my grandmother's sister Keziah Harris.  Before starting my family history searches, I did not know that Dorothy had any sisters at all.  I now have a copy of Keziah's birth certificate, but she disappeared from all records after the 1901 census.  I have not been able to find a death certificate for her.

Dorothy had at least two other sisters I now vaguely know something about.  One was called Annie and the other Mary, though Mary was known as Polly.  Whatever happened to them and their descendants?

Perhaps I will never know more.  You may like to see my earlier blog post about the family.  My other remaining questions are regarding my grandmother's mother, Harriet, nee Lloyd.

I have found three Harriet Lloyd birth certificates from the time and place in which she was born, but none match her.  She died in 1910 at the age of 38, according to her death certificate.  The 1881 census records her as the eldest of four children, her other siblings being Mary, John and George.

Harriet's parents were Maria nee Clark(e) and William Machin Lloyd.  In 1881, the family lived in the Mill Building in Dawley, Shropshire.  Do you know anything about the family, or about the building in which they lived?  William was a coal miner.

I have been unable to trace Harriet's family in the 1891 census, or her mother in earlier records, apart from Maria and William's marriage certificate.  It may be interesting to find out more about Maria, though I think all of her ancestors were probably poor coal miners and farm labourers.

Maria is my earliest known matrilineal link.

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