19 September 2011

Peaceful Enterprises and Lovely Surprises - Part One

You may be wondering why I am starting yet another new theme here at Ancestors Within.  I write this blog as an "amateur" in the genealogical field, researching only my own and my husband's various family branches.  I consider myself an amateur as I am not paid for writing here.

08 September 2011

Lucky or Fateful Encounters - Part One

I like to put a few series of blog posts here from time to time on particular genealogical topics.  They give me the motivation to explore ideas and connections more clearly, at least in my own mind.

07 September 2011

Getting to Know Great Grandmothers - Part One

It often surprises me that I probably now know more about my husband's great grandmothers than my own.  The maiden names of my great grandmothers were Annie Spottiswoode, Annie Ginn, Harriet Lloyd and Edith (Lily) Howells.  The maiden names of my husband's great grandmothers were Agata Bracchi, Carolina Galito, Maria Burratto and Vittoria Fachin.

06 September 2011

Ancestors and Education

Have you ever thought about how your own level of education may have more to do with your ancestry than your ability?  Could it also have more to do with your location than your sense of vocation?

01 September 2011

The Mystery of Keziah

I wonder what ever happened to my grandmother's sister Keziah Harris.  Before starting my family history searches, I did not know that Dorothy had any sisters at all.  I now have a copy of Keziah's birth certificate, but she disappeared from all records after the 1901 census.  I have not been able to find a death certificate for her.