18 August 2011

So Many Cousins

Since I last mentioned this very faded photograph, I have discovered a few more things about the sitter.  Here is a woman of about 25 years of age.  She was born in Brussels in Belgium, probably in the year 1848, meaning that the photograph dates from around 1873.  She is someone I would like to know more about.

Who were her parents?  Did she have siblings?  Could she read and write?  Which language did she speak?  Where was the photograph taken?

12 August 2011

Internment in Australia during World War Two

Some time ago, I mentioned the topic of civilian internment.  It is important not to confuse internment with internship, though similar words can often cause confusion.  Do you know the difference between the two?

08 August 2011

Our Changing Perceptions and Opinions

We usually form our views in a gradual and haphazard way over time.  Yet our perceptions and opinions can suddenly be challenged by new information, not just in family and community life, but also during travels, and when examining economic and political issues.