19 April 2011

Lovely Mary

When I first came to Australia, I met a lovely elderly lady in Melbourne called Mary.  She had no link with my family, and no recent genetic link with my husband's family.

Mary's family came from Ireland and they were catholics, farmers and priests.

I briefly mentioned Mary in one of my bigger blog posts at the end of last year:  A Genealogical Look Around

Mary helped me to feel more settled in Australia.  She was married to Joe, the brother of my husband's paternal grandmother.  Joe and Mary had no children but they were happy enough with their quiet life together.

I am especially interested in the fact that Mary married a person from an Italian background.  That would have been quite unusual in the 1930s.  Perhaps there were some difficulties in their wider families when Joe and Mary's romance became known.

At least they were from the same religion, but Irish catholicism and Italian catholicism were quite different cultural experiences for many years, so I have been told.  Do you know much on this subject?  I am especially interested in knowing about the challenges faced within intercultural marriages, as I have one myself!

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