25 March 2011

The Bisnonni Blogspot Award - Part One

Have you heard that there are quite a few so-called blog awards out there?  I am always very touched and honoured to receive nominations in recognition of my blogging efforts, though many of those awards are quite like a chain letter in some ways.

Here is an interesting Wikipedia article about the history of chain letters.  Fortunately, though, all of my genealogical encounters have so far been benevolent.  Have yours? In my experience, people who research their family history are usually lovely people.

What are your thoughts about blog awards
requesting you send the award on
to several other people?

Today, I would like to mention not just the awards I already know about, but one that is about to be launched.  The Bisnonni Blogspot Award is, as far as I am aware, quite different from any of the others.  It is one you may like to help establish, too.  It does not require any chain communication or any other type of chain mail.

No chain mail required

The Bisnonni Blogspot Award will not be an award for any blogs.  It will be an award for the most insightful, interesting and useful comments I discover on any of my blog posts - on any of my four blogs.

So, how should I judge what is insightful, interesting and useful?  Perhaps it will be a comment giving me a clearer understanding of something.  Maybe it will be a comment that helps me to solve a mystery, a problem, or some sort of puzzle.  Alternatively, it could be a comment that will probably be of help to a great many other people, and not just me.

The above image from the Bayeux Tapestry shows a raven banner.  Does the raven symbol have any significance in your family history?  It does in mine.

If you are a regular reader not just of Ancestors Within, but of my other blogs, too, then you will know that I am quite a busy person, with a wide range of research interests.  I am very glad that people find some time in their lives to enjoy the results of my blogging efforts.

I have chosen the above picture as a symbol of the Bisnonni Blogspot Award.  It is of two people you may have met somewhere before in your experiences of my writings. The larger person had the name of George.  The smaller one is known here as Via.

George is about to throw 
a big blue ball to Via.  

Do you think she will catch it?

When I was little, the blue ball seemed to be enormous.  You might like to view the ball as a metaphor for family history.  An older relative passes it to a younger one, who tries to catch it... even if it appears to be huge!

The excitement (and subsequent relief) of catching the ball is like finding the right piece in the historical puzzle. Dropping the ball, or missing it, can represent the struggles of the learning process.  Chasing after it as it rolls past is like the energy we expend when trying to recapture the history of our existence.

Have you caught the blue ball yet?

Perhaps in a year or two I will have different priorities than I do at present - and may then have more time to visit other people's blogs.   In the meantime, I have a large pile of general history books I want to understand more deeply.  The more I read, the more ignorant I feel I am!

Well, that is about all I want to say about the Bisnonni Blogspot Award for today.  Do you know that the word bisnonni means great-grandparents in Italian?  I think the word sounds so much more poetic in Italian than English.

Lastly, I wish to thank Lori and Alison  for nominating Ancestors Within at bisnonni.blogspot.com for a One Lovely Blog Award.  You may also know that I was recently nominated for a My Ancestor Award by Shauna Hicks and, a while before that, a Kreativ Blogger Award by Michelina.   It is very nice to feel appreciated.


  1. I really enjoy reading your thoughts and insights.I would like to comment on several things. You asked if the Bayeux tapestry has great significance for anyone. My husband has a few ancestors who went to England from france with William the Conqueror and who appear in the great Domesday book, so this tapestry has great significance for him (and for me as I am the family researcher). Re the awards which are of a ;chain; nature, I felt at first that this was a bit of a nuisance. Then I thought about it and decided to accept several that I had previously ignored because it made me become more aware of other blogs. In my search for rccipients I read some really interesting ones. I do however like the idea of awards just for their own sake. And I agree with you when you say it is nice to feel that your writing and ideas are appreciated, regards Sharn

  2. Hello Sharn

    It is so nice of you to respond. I really do appreciate comments about my blogging, though as you probably know, I do not yet have much free time to spare for exploring other people's blogs.

    I recently had a chance to see the Bayeux Tapestry - along with rather a lot of other tourists. I am sure I will never have the time, or inclination, to trace my own ancestry back as far as the Norman Conquest and the Domesday Book, though having at least one known Norman surname in the family suggests there is a possible connection.

    The distinction between possibility and certainty is always a matter of debate with anything historical, though imagining any of my ancestors on a battlefield is always difficult, especially given my peaceful nature.

    Thank you also for your insights and experiences concerning "blog awards". Your comments are indeed worthy of a Bisnonni Blogspot Award!

    With very best wishes, Via


I especially appreciate historical insights.