28 March 2011

Family Journeys and Electoral Records

In Australia, state libraries are a great source of family history resources.  Past electoral rolls are often found there, and they have certainly helped me to trace the steps of my husband's relatives since the time they became naturalised.

25 March 2011

The Bisnonni Blogspot Award - Part One

Have you heard that there are quite a few so-called blog awards out there?  I am always very touched and honoured to receive nominations in recognition of my blogging efforts, though many of those awards are quite like a chain letter in some ways.

09 March 2011

To Know or Not to Know

Yesterday, here on Ancestors Within, I mentioned some of the dangers associated with online activities.  How do you find peace of mind when using the internet?

08 March 2011

The Probate Debate

There are many reasons why people want to trace their family history, some of which involve ethical considerations.  Are you researching your ancestry for a particular reason?  Could that reason have anything to do with the possibility of receiving an inheritance?