28 February 2011

In Memory of Generations Past

When a generation passes, we might hold some memories of those people, but we also lose access to the content of their memories, except through documents and other recordings of their experiences.  I am no longer able to ask any of my grandparents a question.  It is a new experience for me.

You may be aware that both of my grandmothers reached their nineties.  Shortly before Christmas, the longest living member of my family, Vera (also known here as Alice) had a fall and developed a chest infection a few days later.  She is no longer able to give me any answers in person about our family history.

Always with me
My grandmother - a dedication

I will find it strange to go to England in a few months time and not be able to visit her.  One of my aunts recently told me in an email message that my grandmother kept some newspapers from VE Day.  It will be interesting to read them. I remember my grandmother telling me she went to Trafalgar Square to join the celebrations that day.

Wikipedia article - Victory in Europe Day - 8 May 1945

BBC article about VE Day

BBC article about VE Day newspapers

YouTube - VE Day

Vera was born during the First World War.  She was a mother of young children during the Second World War.  Then she became a grandmother - my grandmother - during the Cold War.

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Vera lived to be 95.  Her cousin Eileen, who was born in the same year as Vera, lived only to be 25.  Eileen died of tuberculosis in 1941, as my husband's grandmother Josephine had in 1938.  Josephine lived to be 40 years old.  She never knew her grandchildren.

I am very glad to have known all four of my grandparents, and that they reached old age. I just wish we could have a few cups of tea together again and share memories of generations past.


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