28 February 2011

In Memory of Generations Past

When a generation passes, we might hold some memories of those people, but we also lose access to the content of their memories, except through documents and other recordings of their experiences.  I am no longer able to ask any of my grandparents a question.  It is a new experience for me.

20 February 2011

Ancestral Scatterings

If you have visited this blog a few times before, you may have seen a few links in the right hand column about something called a diaspora.  If you have not come across the word before, a diaspora is an ancestral scattering of one sort or another.

17 February 2011

Genealogical Biographies

Unless you are exploring your family history just to be able to extend the entries in a chart, which may be called a family tree, then you are probably also quite likely to be a biographer.  How do you go about researching and writing a genealogical biography?

05 February 2011

Just Starting Out With Family History Research

Beginning family history research can seem daunting and time consuming, even in Australia, Britain or the United States.  In any type of research, including scientific research, the situation can quickly change from having not enough information to having too much to handle.

We begin with the vast unknown, or what we personally consider to be the vast unknown.