03 January 2011

New Pages

As a new year has begun, some people plan to turn over a new leaf.  I have decided to create two new pages for this blog instead, especially as I don't really think I need to turn over a new leaf.

I hope have no bad habits, except for being somewhat untidy!

Whether thinking of a book leaf, a blog post, a web page, a new approach to life, or even a whole lot of leaves on a huge family tree, then I wish you the very best for 2011.

My pages have links at the top of the blog, but I have put some extra links to those pages here:

Via Existence

Via Assistance

You will also find that there are a now quite a lot of "read more" links in this blog, so I hope they will make your navigation very easy.  They mean I can find my way more easily around Ancestors Within, too.

The previous blog post was a marathon one.  You might like to explore it, especially if you have a few hours to spare and you are a reflective and thoughtful sort of person.  It will give you a complete overview of the story of this blog so far.

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