20 January 2011

Family Names

You may know that one of the topics of interest to me is the origin of names - and all sorts of other topics to do with names and naming.  I even devote an entire blog on the subject, which is, of course, called By Any Other Name.

The links between family names and geography is quite a fascinating one, especially if the names in question happen to be part of your own family history.

15 January 2011

Family History, Public Records, Privacy and Once-Secret Dossiers

Have you discovered some surprising, disturbing and even amusing things about your family members while exploring public records?  Have you even found some surprising things that have been said about you, or that you feel invade your privacy or portray you inaccurately?

08 January 2011

Food Rationing

Have you ever had to go without your favourite foods because they were either too expensive or not available at all?

Can you remember rationing in Britain during and after the Second World War?

03 January 2011

New Pages

As a new year has begun, some people plan to turn over a new leaf.  I have decided to create two new pages for this blog instead, especially as I don't really think I need to turn over a new leaf.