24 November 2011

Collecting Recollections

Have you ever put together any audio-visual digital recordings of family biographies and family events, intertwining them in a genealogical way?  It is something I would like to spend some time on when I have the right equipment and can give my full attention to the creative editing process.

21 October 2011

A New Awareness

Have you ever taken an ancestral journey but not been aware of it at the time?

19 September 2011

Peaceful Enterprises and Lovely Surprises - Part One

You may be wondering why I am starting yet another new theme here at Ancestors Within.  I write this blog as an "amateur" in the genealogical field, researching only my own and my husband's various family branches.  I consider myself an amateur as I am not paid for writing here.

08 September 2011

Lucky or Fateful Encounters - Part One

I like to put a few series of blog posts here from time to time on particular genealogical topics.  They give me the motivation to explore ideas and connections more clearly, at least in my own mind.

07 September 2011

Getting to Know Great Grandmothers - Part One

It often surprises me that I probably now know more about my husband's great grandmothers than my own.  The maiden names of my great grandmothers were Annie Spottiswoode, Annie Ginn, Harriet Lloyd and Edith (Lily) Howells.  The maiden names of my husband's great grandmothers were Agata Bracchi, Carolina Galito, Maria Burratto and Vittoria Fachin.

06 September 2011

Ancestors and Education

Have you ever thought about how your own level of education may have more to do with your ancestry than your ability?  Could it also have more to do with your location than your sense of vocation?

01 September 2011

The Mystery of Keziah

I wonder what ever happened to my grandmother's sister Keziah Harris.  Before starting my family history searches, I did not know that Dorothy had any sisters at all.  I now have a copy of Keziah's birth certificate, but she disappeared from all records after the 1901 census.  I have not been able to find a death certificate for her.

18 August 2011

So Many Cousins

Since I last mentioned this very faded photograph, I have discovered a few more things about the sitter.  Here is a woman of about 25 years of age.  She was born in Brussels in Belgium, probably in the year 1848, meaning that the photograph dates from around 1873.  She is someone I would like to know more about.

Who were her parents?  Did she have siblings?  Could she read and write?  Which language did she speak?  Where was the photograph taken?

12 August 2011

Internment in Australia during World War Two

Some time ago, I mentioned the topic of civilian internment.  It is important not to confuse internment with internship, though similar words can often cause confusion.  Do you know the difference between the two?

08 August 2011

Our Changing Perceptions and Opinions

We usually form our views in a gradual and haphazard way over time.  Yet our perceptions and opinions can suddenly be challenged by new information, not just in family and community life, but also during travels, and when examining economic and political issues.

19 April 2011

Lovely Mary

When I first came to Australia, I met a lovely elderly lady in Melbourne called Mary.  She had no link with my family, and no recent genetic link with my husband's family.

Mary's family came from Ireland and they were catholics, farmers and priests.

28 March 2011

Family Journeys and Electoral Records

In Australia, state libraries are a great source of family history resources.  Past electoral rolls are often found there, and they have certainly helped me to trace the steps of my husband's relatives since the time they became naturalised.

25 March 2011

The Bisnonni Blogspot Award - Part One

Have you heard that there are quite a few so-called blog awards out there?  I am always very touched and honoured to receive nominations in recognition of my blogging efforts, though many of those awards are quite like a chain letter in some ways.

09 March 2011

To Know or Not to Know

Yesterday, here on Ancestors Within, I mentioned some of the dangers associated with online activities.  How do you find peace of mind when using the internet?

08 March 2011

The Probate Debate

There are many reasons why people want to trace their family history, some of which involve ethical considerations.  Are you researching your ancestry for a particular reason?  Could that reason have anything to do with the possibility of receiving an inheritance?

28 February 2011

In Memory of Generations Past

When a generation passes, we might hold some memories of those people, but we also lose access to the content of their memories, except through documents and other recordings of their experiences.  I am no longer able to ask any of my grandparents a question.  It is a new experience for me.

20 February 2011

Ancestral Scatterings

If you have visited this blog a few times before, you may have seen a few links in the right hand column about something called a diaspora.  If you have not come across the word before, a diaspora is an ancestral scattering of one sort or another.

17 February 2011

Genealogical Biographies

Unless you are exploring your family history just to be able to extend the entries in a chart, which may be called a family tree, then you are probably also quite likely to be a biographer.  How do you go about researching and writing a genealogical biography?

05 February 2011

Just Starting Out With Family History Research

Beginning family history research can seem daunting and time consuming, even in Australia, Britain or the United States.  In any type of research, including scientific research, the situation can quickly change from having not enough information to having too much to handle.

We begin with the vast unknown, or what we personally consider to be the vast unknown.

20 January 2011

Family Names

You may know that one of the topics of interest to me is the origin of names - and all sorts of other topics to do with names and naming.  I even devote an entire blog on the subject, which is, of course, called By Any Other Name.

The links between family names and geography is quite a fascinating one, especially if the names in question happen to be part of your own family history.

15 January 2011

Family History, Public Records, Privacy and Once-Secret Dossiers

Have you discovered some surprising, disturbing and even amusing things about your family members while exploring public records?  Have you even found some surprising things that have been said about you, or that you feel invade your privacy or portray you inaccurately?

08 January 2011

Food Rationing

Have you ever had to go without your favourite foods because they were either too expensive or not available at all?

Can you remember rationing in Britain during and after the Second World War?

03 January 2011

New Pages

As a new year has begun, some people plan to turn over a new leaf.  I have decided to create two new pages for this blog instead, especially as I don't really think I need to turn over a new leaf.