23 June 2010

The Spice of Life - Part One

Here is the first part of a series (I hope!) of blog posts I intend to write on the topic of The Spice of Life. I have already introduced the topic on my Continual Journeys blog so please click the link if you plan to read future parts of this series.

07 June 2010

My Fair Ancestors in Mayfair

Here is a six minute youtube video clip that is (sort of) connected with some of my ancestors, although I do not know if any of them were called Alfred P. Doolittle. I do know that the Londoners in my family probably pronounced Mayfair as "My Fair".

01 June 2010

Lily of Lawley Common

My mother has only ever known one grandparent, her grandmother Edith, who was known as Lily. Unlike me, Lily had a beautiful skin in her youth, which is why she was called Lily.

Throughout her life, Lily lived on the edge of Lawley Common in Shropshire. In her childhood she lived with her parents, Enoch and Eliza, her only sister Louisa, known as Louie, and many assorted brothers. I think they went to the Methodist chapel in the village on Sundays.