30 October 2010

At the Seaside - Part Two

For quite some time now, I have been quite fond of a paddle in the sea, as this picture taken with my mother may suggest. Our holidays were often spent camping on the coast of North Wales, where the weather was often cold and wet! We were fortunate, however, in never experiencing a tsunami there.

My brother and father loved to fish. My mother was the one who often did the gutting and cooking. We had a small, fibreglass boat that my father built. I found it boring to be in the boat, especially when the men and boys had their fishing lines in the water. I preferred just to paddle along the coast, not much deeper than my ankles.

Perhaps you have many family photographs taken near the sea. Holiday snaps can provide many interesting excursions into the family history. My family throughout the 19th century lived inland, mainly in Shropshire, Huntingdonshire, London, Brussels and Belfast. I lived in Staffordshire, right in the centre of England, for most of my childhood so the sea was usually only a summer holiday experience - and an exciting one, too.

Is your family heritage mainly inland or coastal?

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