20 July 2010

We Are All Related

I like to remember that we are all related, sometimes quite closely and sometimes more distantly. However peculiar we may think another person might be, there are aspects of their lives that may be very similar to our own, and other aspects that are probably very different.

Here is a Wikipedia link you may find interesting on the topic of social normality.

I am yet to meet anyone who has a great deal in common with me, with very similar tastes and interests and values, a similar style of communication, and a similar sense of humour. Perhaps that makes me very peculiar!

How different might you be from your ancestors over the last seven million years, and how similar, too?

Why is it important to make no apology for an interest in anthropology?

How civilized might you be?

What does migration mean to you?

Are you part of a diaspora?

Well, as you are just one of my six billion human relatives, I think there are enough links here for you here today, literally and figuratively.

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