29 July 2010

Unlocking Australia's Past

Exploring our own family history and heritage, and that of the people we marry, can bring to light aspects of the broader history of our nations, the parts of history often left out of history books.

We learn, through our own investigations, and those of others doing similar research into their own families, that there are many versions of history that are yet to be adequately acknowledged.

The picture today is of Josephine, my husband's paternal grandmother. You may have read my earlier blog post about her. Although her parents were born in Italy, Josephine was born in Australia and lived here all her life.

Even if you are not particularly interested in what is happening today in Australia's genealogical world, the history of Australia has been shaped quietly by women like Josephine and this is something worth exploring. The "Josephines" of this world rarely make the history books but they are the people who have shaped the best aspects of the societies in which we live.

Here is a link to a website you may find useful: Unlock the Past. I have not had much of a chance to explore it myself yet, so if you find it helpful, please let me know more.

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