23 June 2010

The Spice of Life - Part One

Here is the first part of a series (I hope!) of blog posts I intend to write on the topic of The Spice of Life. I have already introduced the topic on my Continual Journeys blog so please click the link if you plan to read future parts of this series.

Your spice heritage

Do you have family connections with the spice trade? Do you know much about the spice warehouses in London in the late 1800s and early 1900s? Do you know much about the history of the spice trade?

Perhaps you were an original "spice girl", as my grandmother Alice and her aunt Florence were. My grandmother, now in her mid 90s, used to travel home from work smelly very spicy on a London bus during the 1930s. Her "double uncle" Louis Verheyen was the manager of a spice warehouse. I'll tell you more about Louis in later blog posts. If you know more about him than I do, then please get in touch.

Well, I think I have spiced up this blog enough for today. Now, where did I put the pepper?

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