12 April 2010

The Art of Knowing

Do you love art? Do you love the art of knowing? What do you believe it means to know? What is art? How might you gain a deeper appreciation of your family history through an awareness of art history?

If you have ever visited any of my other blogs (see right hand column for the links), you may have discovered some snippets there about my own interest in the arts, art history, discovering history through art, and developing an understanding through history.

By delving into the lives of people who were contemporaries of my ancestors, I often gain an appreciation of the events and cultural experiences of their times. This is especially so when making comparisons between my ancestors and various unrelated people who worked in the arts.

Enjoy the Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History

Unlike wealthy patrons of the arts, the original producers of paintings, music, books, dramas, and philosophical ideas came from a wide range of backgrounds and cultures. I especially like to compare the lives of those who were born around the same time as my great grandparents. Unfortunately, I am yet to find biographies of anyone who was born at around the same time and in the same community as any of my known ancestors.

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