02 March 2010

Justice for Josephine

Here is a picture of my husband's grandmother, Josephine, long before she even became a mother.

Do you wonder if bonnets will ever come back into fashion?

Well, the photograph is from around 1903 and it was taken in Australia. Josephine's parents had migrated from the Basilicata region of Italy in the 1880s.

Here is a link to one of my earlier blog posts with a picture of Josephine's grandfather:

A Man from the Mezzogiorno

The family probably experienced quite a lot of prejudice and this is one of the topics I am researching. It took me a while to find Josephine's official birth record, too, mainly because her surname is not spelled correctly in government files. Fortunately, the staff and volunteers at St Patrick's Cathedral in Melbourne were able to provide me with some very kind and useful assistance.

About the Cathedral

Sectarianism in Australia


In adulthood, Josephine was a kind, highly cultured and elegant person. She played the piano beautifully, did charity work and used her managerial skills to great effect in the family's businesses. Why would anyone want to be prejudiced against her?

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