09 March 2010

A Carnaby Street Childhood

My great grandfather Jack grew up in the Soho district of London, where his Belgian father worked as a theatrical costumier. The family lived in Carnaby Street during the 1890s.

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If you are a dedicated follower of fashion, you may recall that Carnaby Street became famous in the 1960s as a hub of popular culture. I am too young to remember the 1960s in much detail, though two of my aunts were in their teens at the time and remember it well.

02 March 2010

Justice for Josephine

Here is a picture of my husband's grandmother, Josephine, long before she even became a mother. I wonder if bonnets will ever come back into fashion?

Well, the photograph is from around 1903 and it was taken in Australia. Josephine's parents had migrated from the Basilicata region of Italy in the 1880s.