07 February 2010

Taking the Best of the Past into the Future with Family History Research

If you have navigated your way to this blog using its web address, or have looked at the top of your screen at the address bar/navigation bar, you will have seen that the address of Ancestors Within is:


Bisnonni means great-grandparents in Italian. It can also mean great-grandfathers. If you know of any other meanings of the word, you may like to let me know about them. I am always trying to improve my language skills.

I hope to spend more time working on my research over the next few weeks, away from the Internet, as there is such a lot for me to write up. That's very good from my point of view. It means that I am probably making some progress!

Some pleasant distractions

One of the companies to contact me recently is ancestry.com, based in Provo, Utah. You may know that ancestry.com is sponsoring a version of Who Do You Think You Are? in the United States. The series will be shown on NBC from Friday 5 March.

With Faces of America also showing on PBS (see my blog post of 8 January), those of you in the United States will have some interesting television viewing in the coming weeks. It will be a good way to keep out of the snow for those of you in the eastern states.

However, my interest is mainly in the family history of myself and my husband. We have some family members who are now in the United States and some who have lived there in the past.

Where did Aunt Lucy live?

My great grandfather Jack had a sister, Mrs Lucy Coleman, who migrated to America in 1920 with her husband Job, also known as Joe. I have a photograph of the house where they worked. It was a big, grand house so I will post the picture on this blog in the coming weeks. If you can help me to identify where the house might be, that would be wonderful.

Job may have been employed as a chauffeur, according to my grandmother, though he may previously have been an estate manager for a wealthy English family. Do send me an email if you discover anything at all about Lucy and Job: writetovia (AT) gmail.com

Here is today's link list:

(the town where the ancestry.com headquarters is situated)

(keep your Friday evenings free from 5 March dear American visitors)

(if you write a genealogy blog that is more interesting than this one, you may be in with a chance to win a DNA kit, courtesy of Faces of America)

by Alex Graham, UK Executive Producer of Who Do You Think You Are?

(Hello Alex if you visit this blog. I remember you from the Diverse Productions days in the mid 1980s when I was a young secretary in the current affairs department at Channel Four Television in Charlotte Street, London... Greetings!)

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