15 February 2010

The Mystery House

If you have seen my previous blog post, you will know that I am trying to identify a mystery house...

07 February 2010

Taking the Best of the Past into the Future with Family History Research

If you have navigated your way to this blog using its web address, or have looked at the top of your screen at the address bar/navigation bar, you will have seen that the address of Ancestors Within is:


Bisnonni means great-grandparents in Italian. It can also mean great-grandfathers. If you know of any other meanings of the word, you may like to let me know about them. I am always trying to improve my language skills.

05 February 2010

Via the Independent Scholar and Non-Commercial Family Historian

I have recently received quite a lot of emails from various genealogy and media organisations so I thought I should write a blog post to clarify my status as an independent and unpaid genealogical scholar.

01 February 2010

My Heritage, Your Heritage, Our Heritage

What does the word "heritage" mean to you? It is a question I asked in my By Any Other Name blog back in October last year.