07 January 2010

Exciting New Discoveries

Hello again everyone and welcome to a new year here at Ancestors Within. What do you hope to discover in the weeks and months ahead?

Genealogy is certainly an exciting adventure for anyone exploring their own cultural and genetic origins. I have had some fabulous moments over the past couple of years or so when doing online family history detective work, telephoning relatives with my questions, receiving emails from family members and experts who have been able to provide answers, collecting copies of photographs and documents, and have even been learning a few words of other languages along the way.

Today I received an email about a genealogical documentary series by PBS in the United States. I hope to tell you more about it tomorrow, when I should have access to a faster Internet connection than the one I am on now!

How is the weather with you? We are experiencing a heatwave here in the town of Dorothea. You may know that Dorothea is a fictitious name for the town in which I live, just as Via is the name I use online but not in real life. Identity protection is an important consideration these days.

Well, I have so much to tell you, but for now, please enjoy this and my other three blogs. There is quite a bit of information between them to spark your imagination as you think about your family heritage, and your future.

Keep warm if you are in North America, Europe or northern India. Keep cool if you are in Australia or New Zealand. I hope you have a wonderful year ahead with your own research.

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