21 April 2009

Family Discoveries in the Dardanelles

This Saturday in Australia, we will commemorate ANZAC day. I will be thinking about Arthur Tom Ginn who was born in Finsbury, London at 1.45 in the morning on 27 December 1892. He died in the Ottoman Empire on 25 April 1915, aged 22.

03 April 2009

02 April 2009

Ancestral Research and Nostalgia through Google Street View

Have you used Google Maps recently and clicked on a little yellow figure above the zoom feature? In some ways Google Street View can be seen as an invasion of privacy when anyone with access to the facility can wander virtually down your street.

Yet there are some great benefits of using Google Maps, and Google Earth. Satellite images of urban and rural landscapes where ancestors lived can be explored it a relatively easy way, as if you are flying over the area in a helicopter.