04 December 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award

Here is the logo of Kreativ Blogger, which you may have seen on a few of the other blogs you have visited, whether genealogical or on some other topic. Thank you to Michelina for giving me a Kreativ Blogger Award for Ancestors Within.

I am very pleased that Michelina has been in touch with me because she has a wealth of knowledge to share through her own blog, Preserving Heritage.

You may know that I am interested in the origins of all sorts of things, not just my own heritage, so I have been doing a little research into the award. I am a social scientist by training so I tend to question everything!

Simon Leong, a food blogger from Sydney, Australia has done a wonderful job in identifying the origins of both the logo and the award. And I must admit here that have similar reservations as Simon about the award's "rules".

Read Simon's blog post about the Kreativ Blogger Award

My own blogging experiences only began in January this year and I am yet to explore many other blogs. Researching and writing four blogs has been consuming rather a lot of my time so perhaps 2010 will be more of a reading year than a writing one. I would especially like to be able to read and reflect upon the blogs of all the people who have been following my blogs, and/or who have left some comments on them.

My other blogs are called Continual Journeys, By Any Other Name, and Quieter Living. I frequently write my blogs with only a modem connection, so I am especially appreciative of blogs that download more quickly than mine do!

Many of my older relatives find the Internet intimidating and most do not have a computer at all. I wonder what our great grandparents would make of it all...

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