18 July 2009

Community, Commonality and Family History

Do you sometimes feel as if you have little in common with the people around you? In what circumstances are you more likely to feel that way?

12 July 2009

Working Families and Genealogical Studies

Although working families has become an overused populist slogan in Australia in recent years, I think of it in terms of the past rather than the future. Families are groups of people who do more than work, at least in my idea of a good society.

06 July 2009

Songs My Mother Never Taught Me

Have the musical traditions of your family been lost? What was the music your family knew one hundred years ago?

05 July 2009

From Ossolaro to Australia - Italian Family History Research

This blog has already introduced the little village of Ossolaro in Italy.

The village is about 50km as the crow flies from where one of the most important battles in Italian history, and world history, was fought.

04 July 2009

Superstitions and Traditions

Why did my grandmother Dorothy cover mirrors whenever there was a thunderstorm? Why did my grandfather Harry believe he saw a ghost of an old lady when he visited a big old house in Shropshire?

What are the superstitions and traditions followed in your family? Which stories are passed on from generation to generation?

03 July 2009

Flemish Ancestors

Back in February this year, I wrote an introductory blog post about my Flemish ancestors.

Some of my family came from Lier, not far from Antwerp. Others were from Brussels and the villages around there, most of which are really sprawling cities in their own right today.

Do you have Flemish ancestors?

01 July 2009

A Man from the Mezzogiorno - Viggiano to Melbourne

Who is or was your most enigmatic relative? Who has had the most mysterious life? What would you like to find out most about that person?

This photograph is of Vincenzo Galito. He came to Australia sometime in the 1880s and was later joined by his wife Mattia and daughter Carolina.