23 June 2009

A Shropshire Lad called Harry

This is Harry (1906-1988), one of the most important people in my life. Harry was the Shropshire lad who managed to survive until he reached old age, unlike his elder brother Arthur who died of double pneumonia at the age of fifteen.

Arthur died in 1917. Harry's father died the following year, so Harry left school as soon as he was old enough to do so and helped his mother to make ends meet.

10 June 2009

Understanding Your Ancestry, Genealogy and Heritage

Do you know the difference between nature, nurture and knowledge?

06 June 2009

Liberty, Normandy June 1944

I wonder if my mother's uncle, Bertie Harris, would have had much liberty in his life before his contribution to the liberation of Europe in June 1944. Today marks the 65th anniversary of his landing at Gold Beach.

The reason I began exploring my family history towards the end of 2007 was because my mother wanted to know what happened to her uncle. She had not mentioned much about him before, except to say that he had been killed during the Second World War.

05 June 2009

Connect to Your Heritage

If you have visited this blog in recent weeks, you will have noticed it contains quite a lot of links. The right hand column has been quite cluttered as a result so I thought I'd put a few of the main links in this blog post instead:

The origins of your family name

Migration museums around the world