19 May 2009

Names and Literacy

Being able to read blogs is something people with computers can easily take for granted. How would you feel in front of a computer if you were unable to read and write?

Two of my great grandmothers were probably illiterate, as were several of my great, great grandparents. I do not appear to have had any particularly well educated ancestors at all!

17 May 2009

Objects or Subjects - You and Your Ancestors Observed

I find there is something rather unsettling about the work of historians, journalists and social scientists when my own ancestors are a topic of their interest.

16 May 2009

Civilian Internment in the Second World War

Internment is the imprisonment of people without trial. Were any of your relatives interned during World War Two?

13 May 2009

Dark Clouds and Black Sheep in Family Life and Ancestry

Who do you consider to have been black sheep in your family history, and why?

09 May 2009

The working lives of ancestors

From the late 1940s to the 1970s, both of my grandfathers, George and Harry, had arrived in Stafford, Staffordshire from different parts of England and went to work as engineers at English Electric.