16 February 2009

1870s Migration from Belgium to London

In the late 1870s, some of my father's family left Belgium in mysterious circumstances and went to live in Soho in London.

My great great grandfather's first name is written in various records as Johannes, Jan, Jean and John. He was a tailor by trade and was born in Lier, south of Antwerp, in 1830. My great great grandmother was his third wife.

11 February 2009

Staffordshire Miner becomes Prime Minister of Australia

Many people have heard of James Cook the 18th century explorer, who was a Yorkshireman, but fewer may be familiar with the name of Joseph Cook, a coal miner from north Staffordshire who became the 6th Prime Minister of Australia.

06 February 2009

The Mill in Ossolaro - part two

My face is a blue rose today, at least on my blogger profile. It represents the fact that we are having such strange weather here, and no-one really knows how this might affect us in the future.

I did not feel like seeing my smiling face shining back at me when we are expecting a scorching day tomorrow, with strong winds and the possibility of bushfires (wildfires to those of you in the northern hemisphere).

05 February 2009

The Mill in Ossolaro - part one

There is a small Italian village to the north of Cremona on the Lombardy plain, hidden during summer amongst fields of maize, except for the bell tower of the church. There are not many streets in the village. One to the north west, called Strada Comunale Paderno Ossolaro, leads to the larger village of Paderno Ponchielli.

03 February 2009

The Age of Reflecting on Age

What ages do you consider your ancestors to be in your imagination when you explore their lives?

02 February 2009

Family History - Ancestry and Privacy

Why is it that genealogy is a more common hobby in some countries than in others?

And why is it that many people in previous decades did not want to reveal much about themselves and their ancestors, even within families?