31 January 2009

Understanding the Influence of Your Ancestors on Your Life Today

How well do you understand your ancestors, and yourself?  What are the cultural and natural links and bonds between you and people of the past?

Cultural links

How do you think and why do you think as you do? What are your cultural links to the past? How much of you can truly can be identified as being purely of the 21st century?  Discovering answers may involve local history, aspects of identity, culture and environment - including political influences.

Natural links

Genetics is a very interesting topic. How might your genes have adapted to cope with the environment in which your ancestors lived rather than the one in which you happen to live at present?  An understanding of genetics may provide some answers.

28 January 2009

Identity Across the Centuries

Although I do not like to reveal too much about myself online, for reasons of privacy, I like to reflect upon my life and my journey into existence in the world.

18 January 2009

Finding Great Grandparents

Hello and welcome to my family history research experiences. This is my first ever blog post on the subject!

Are you a local history expert, or a relevant expert of some other historical kind?  

If, for example, you know about the history of...

~ the linen industry in Belfast,

~ the mining industry in the English Black Country,

~ life in East Shropshire in the 19th century,

~ the migrating musicians of Viggiano, or

~ the First World War experiences of people who lived near the Piave River in the Veneto...

...then please get in touch soon.

Do you know of any books on the above subjects, or better still, freely available online resources?

writetovia (AT) gmail . com